When designing and building a healthcare facility or pharmaceutical plant, many requirements are to be met. Every part of the building envelope must be watertight and secure, from the roof and external facade walls down to the basement, to protect against expensive water ingress damages. No manufacturer understands the building, construction and maintenance needs of health and pharmaceutical facility owners, managers and specifiers better than Sika.

Systems Plus Knowhow

Doctor and nurse walking through hospital with wall and floor coatings

At Sika, we take care to help you produce facilities with a comfortable, hygienic interior space for both patients and staff. This environment is then protected by a good looking, watertight and secure building envelope - one that is achieved using Sika solutions to further save money by minimising energy consumption and reducing future external repair and maintenance requirements.

We also help produce a durable facility to last long-term and require less future maintenance. With over 100 years of experience, Sika’s solutions provide a single source for fully integrated and compatible products and systems for hospitals, medical centers, clinics and pharmaceutical companies whether new construction or refurbishment.

Sika solutions are designed and proven to be energy-efficient, highly reliable and sustainable – as measured by full life cycle cost evaluations.

Solutions for Healthcare & Pharma

A comfortable, hygienic interior. A watertight, secure building envelope.
This is Sika’s prescription for long-lasting, high-quality, and cost-effective healthcare centers and biopharma facilities.


At Sika, we understand the importance of issues as ease of maintenance, chemical resistance, protection againts bacteria and cleam room standards required for sterile and clean process environments.  

In recent years, Sika has developed a new generation of advanced flooring, wall coating and joint sealant solutions for cleanroom environments. Therefore, we are the ideal partner to help you select the best solutions for your individual processes and cleanroom requirements, and with the unique CSM product qualification.

Joints in floors are unavoidable if the floor finish is produced with sheet products such as PVC or linoleum, because the sheets themselves and details require joints which are the main points of weakness in the floor for damage or a build-up of bacteria.

Creative design is essential to produce an attractive, pleasant and welcoming interior space with underfoot comfort and minimal footfall noise transmission to support care and treatment in healthcare buildings for patients, visitors and healthcare professionals.



Sika Solution for Flooring

Sika floor-wall systems, such as Sikafloor® and Sika® ComfortFloor®, have no welded joints and are fully seamless to eliminate any bacteria breeding sites, plus they are odor-free during application and in service. Sika seamless floor systems provide a multi-coloured range of different surface finishes and textures together with solutions for reducing both footfall (impact) and airborne (reflected) noise.

Sika has flooring solutions that can be specified for any area in a healthcare facility, pharmaceutical and life science industries.

They offer the following features:

Design freedom - available in almost every colour together with many textured finishes

Exceeds project needs - meets thermal and electrical conductivity requirements, compatible with underfloor heating systems and meets stringent international standards for hygiene and bacteriostasis as well as fire resistance

Long-lasting for less frequent repair or replacement - excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical and mechanical impacts

High level of comfort for users - sound damping, shock resistant and slip resistant

Many systems for all areas - Sika floors are available in range to meet unique requirements for each space

Hygienic floor and wall coating in hospital made with Sika coating systems

Wall Finishes and Hygienic Coatings

Hygienic coatings for walls and ceilings have been specifically designed to meet both functional and aesthetic needs for facilities where the highest standards of hygiene are required. Choosing the right wall system for your healthcare, pharmaceutical or food manufacturing facility ensures a hygienic, easy to clean space for many years to come.

Sika Solution for Walls

Sika supplies a complete range of solutions for walls, from wall leveling, paints and tile setting systems to hygienic wall coatings specifically suited for hospitals. Sika’s wall system solutions can be specified for any area in a healthcare facility including: patient rooms, corridors, kitchens, lobby, offices, emergency rooms, operating theaters, x-ray areas, parking areas and more.

Sikagard® hygienic wall coatings have no welded joints and are fully seamless to eliminate any bacteria breeding sites, plus they are odor-free during application and in service. Just like Sika’s seamless floors, Sikagard® wall coatings come in a multi-colored range and can be colour-matched to the floor.

Combined with Sika floor systems, Sika wall coatings are the perfect match. Sika’s experts can also support with general details for typical floor-wall connections and more.

Sikagard Hygienic Wall Coatings for Healthcare, Pharma and Food and Beverage

  • They are easy to clean, which saves you maintenance costs and time, and ensures the area remains dust-free
  • They have all necessary hygiene certifications and approvals
  • They have minimal volatile organic compounds (VOC's), airborne molecular contaminants (AMC's) or particle emissions for healthy indoor air
  • Their performance won't be reduced by cleaning and disinfection procedures
  • Organic in-film preservative provides resistance against bacteria, fungi, mould, yeast and algae
  • Free from joints, seams and other features that provide a hiding place for dirt and bacteria
Corridor with Sika ComfortFloor in AZ Groeninge Hospital in Kortrijk Belgium


A long-lasting, watertight roofs are essential for the reliable operation and sustainability of healthcare buildings and pharmaceutical facilities. Rain, snow, wind uplift forces, sunlight and many other environmental influences can cause roof failure, resulting in leaks and damage which require costly repairs or possibly a complete re-roofing.

Sika Solution for Roofs

As the global leader with a proven record of over 60 years, Sika produces high quality and long-lasting Sarnafil® and Sikaplan® polymeric membranes, plus SikaRoof® MTC liquid-applied membranes that meet specific needs and budgets of roofing for healthcare and biopharma facilities. In addition to membranes, Sika offers a nearly complete roof system including thermal insulation, accessories, scuppers and tools for installation.

Some of the many Sika roof solutions include:

Exposed roof systems
Congested roof areas with complex detailing
Gravel-ballasted roof systems
Sustainable solutions for green roofs, cold roofs and roofs with solar panels
Balcony, terrace, deck and accessible roof waterproofing
Flat roof systems and elastic joint sealants
Re-roofing, roof maintenance and roof repair


Sarnafil waterproofing membrane on all roofing areas on Volkswagen Plant in Wrzesnia

Sealing and Bonding of Glazed Facades

The exterior façade walls play a key role in the interior environment for climate control, weather protection and sustainability – all which affect long-term maintenance and operating costs of the building. Performance requirements for building facades are therefore becoming increasingly demanding.

Sika Solution for Glazed Facades Joint Sealing

Sika provides recommendations for sealing glazed facades:

SikaHyflex® joint sealants for watertight sealing of metal and glazed façade joints

Sika Solution for Window Installation

Sika provides recommendations for window installation:

SikaHyflex® low-modulus joint sealants

Sika Boom® highly expansive polyurethane foam to fill and seal gaps between window frames and the adjacent building

SikaMembran® flexible flashing tapes for airtight, raintight sealing around glazed units

Sika Solution for Structural Glazing and Glass Curtain Walls

Sika provides recommendations for glass curtain walls:

Sikasil® WS silicone glazing sealants for weather sealing

Sikasil® SG for structural glazing


Architectural and Structural Concrete Elements

The flexibility of concrete in design makes it possible to create structures in hospitals and healthcare facilities that are not possible with other construction materials.
Combining this flexibility with Sika’s over one hundred years of experience and expertise in concrete formulation and optimisation allows true architectural value structures to be realised.

Sika Solution for Concrete Building Elements

Sika concrete admixtures help to ensure high quality concrete for structural design and form, plus surface texture, finish and color with products including:

Sika® ViscoCrete® for Self Compacting Concrete (SCC)

Sika Solution for Concrete Sealing and Protection

Sika provides recommendations for sealing and protecting concrete:

Sikagard® for concrete protective surface coating and hydrophobic impregnations

Sika FerroGard® as a surface-applied, impregnating corrosion inhibitor

SikaHyflex® and Sikaflex® elastic joint sealants for watertight sealing of concrete or masonry façade joints

Sika Solution for Concrete Repair

Sika provides recommendations for repairing concrete:

Sika MonoTop® mortars for corrosion protection of exposed steel reinforcement, concrete patch repairs and concrete leveling

Hospital building complex

Joint Sealing

The building blocks of any healthcare or biopharma facility - like the concrete slab, the glass facade element, the roofing membrane, the metal cover - generally do not let water, moisture or air enter the building or structure. It is at the joints where a building is weakest to leakage. Only correctly specified and professionally applied high quality joint sealants will manage to keep your building or structure sustainably tight during its entire lifespan.

Sika Solution for Joint Sealing
  • Sika’s sealants show good adhesion to a wide range of materials including concrete, masonry, painted wood, coated or galvanized aluminium, steel or PVC. This is namely important for window, door and other installations.
  • Sealants are applied to the facade and also inside the building, where volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other sealant components like phthalates, tin catalysts and isocyanates may become an issue, depending on the local regulations or green building requirements. Sika has sealants and primers that meet all these requirements.
  • Sika installation sealants are widely used for interior sealing as they have a much higher movement capability and better adhesion than acrylics. Especially in wood construction, joints are exposed to higher movement due to seasonal humidity variations.
  • For construction joints, movement joints and connection joints, Sika waterproof joint sealing solutions including hydrophilic gaskets, thermoplastic waterbars and tape systems stand up to the unique demands.
Facade Joint Sealing

Below-Grade Waterproofing

Hidden from sight, the below grade portion of a building typically serves some essential function: Parking garages, goods storage, laundry area, rooms with important functions, technical areas, data centers, offices or living areas. Such areas are equipped with moisture sensitive goods and high-tech equipment that needs absolutely moisture free environment to provide permanent unlimited service. ​

Waterproofing of below ground structures for residential, commercial or infrastructural projects is crucial for a durable protection of the main concrete structure. The use of a sufficient Waterproofing is key for maintenance free service life that means no downtime and low maintenance costs.

Sika Solution for Below-Grade Waterproofing

Very high flexible, compartmentalised Sikaplan membrane system with integrated control und injection back-up.

Flexible, pre- and post-applied SikaProof fully bonded sheet membrane systems and Sikalastic PU/PUREA based liquid applied membrane systems

Rigid, waterproofing system consisting of waterproof concrete using various Sika admixtures combined with Sika joint waterproofing solutions, e.g. SikaSwell®, Sika Waterbar®, SikaFuko®.

Waterproofing Mortars to seal and protect the structure, such as Sikalastic®, SikaTop®, Sika MonoTop®.

Sika Igolfex® bitumen based coatings and SikaBit® bituminous membranes, combined with Sika joint waterproofing systems, e.g. SikaSwell®, Sika Waterbar®, SikaFuko®.

Applying waterproofing membrane at the basement of a data center

Firestop Systems

Modern hospitals, healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities are interspersed with multiple utility and network services including cables, pipes and ventilation ducts in both horizontal and vertical directions, resulting in countless penetrations through most of the walls and floors. Each of these penetrations and every joint between different building structures, elements and areas, is potentially a passage for the spread of flames, heat and toxic smoke into adjoining rooms and areas, which – in the worst case – may result in uncontrolled fire propagation throughout the entire building.

Sika Solution for Passive Fire Protection

While active fire protection systems such as sprinklers can extinguish fires, passive fire protection is designed to prevent the spread of fire and contain it in defined compartments to minimise damage and even more importantly, to allow people in other areas the time to evacuate safely. In the event of a fire, the heat and smoke will spread through penetrations and joints in walls and floors, causing damage, endangering people and potentially also blocking escape routes.

Firestop Systems
  • Fire resistant silicone sealant for linear seals in walls and floors
  • Fire resistant acrylic sealant for service penetration and joint seals
  • Fire resistant PU sealant for linear seals and penetrations
  • Fire resistant expansion foam for linear seals
  • Fire resistant intumescent sealant for penetration seals
  • Fire resistant ablative coating for a protection board
  • Fire resistant coated protection board
  • Fire resistant pipe collar
  • Fire resistant load bearing compound
  • Fire resistant pipe wrap
Fireman in front of house on fire