A Root-Resistant Bituminous Membrane for Green Roofs

SikaBit® PRO T-240 RT is a 4 mm torch applied waterproofing membrane with an anti root additive specially designed to protect roof gardens, sunken works and gravel covered roofs.

SikaBit® PRO T-240 RT is made up of distilled bitumen modified by elastoplastomeric polymers in order to increase the durability and the resistance to high and low temperatures. The antiroot properties are obtained by adding a specific additive to this compound.

The reinforcement consists of a single and heavy non-woven polyester fabric, which gives high mechanical resistance, considerable ultimate elongation, excellent resistance to puncturing and laceration. Both faces are coated with polyethylene film, guaranteeing an easy application.

SikaBit® PRO T-240 RT is resistant to chemical effects of humid acids and fertilizers, allowing the membrane to be in direct contact with the soil or where there is risk of the system being attacked by roots.