Fair faced concrete

Modern architecture is unimaginable without fair-faced concrete. For decades priority was given to the unique load-bearing properties and unequalled cost/performance ratio as a structural building material. It is only in recent years that the incredible design versatility and the creation of many different finishes have also come to the fore.

Concrete with high aesthetical requirements in modern architecture concrete is increasingly used as a design feature as well as for its mechanical properties. This means higher specifications for the finish (exposed surfaces).

There are many ways to produce special effects on these exposed surfaces:

  • Select a suitable concrete mix
  • Specify the formwork material and type (the formwork must be absolutely impervious!)
  • Use the right quantity of a suitable mold release agent
  • Select a suitable placing method
  • Use form liners if necessary
  • Colour using pigments
  • Install correctly (compaction, placing etc.)
  • Thorough curing