Purform® - The Leading Polyurethane Technology

Polyurethanes are the leading technology for sealants, adhesives and flooring, and for good reason. For most specifications, polyurethane adhesives, sealants and floor products outperform other technologies such as SMPs and silicones. Sustainable and long-lasting sealing, bonding and flooring combines multiple aspects, ranging from application properties to mechanical properties and resistance to environmental impact. On the whole, polyurethanes are the technology proven to best meet your requirements, as they offer the best balance.

Sikaflex®-11 FC has been the professionals’ favourite multi-tool for sealing and bonding in construction for over 50 years.

Sikaflex®-11 FC is sold globally in over 100 countries for projects of every size.

The new Sikaflex®-11 FC Purform® builds on this legacy and will ensure that it is continued.