Joints in between construction elements can be found in different parts of a construction, e. g. between precast concrete elements in facades, around windows and doors, between floors and walls, around storage tanks, etc.

Joint sealants have to meet various requirements depending on function and location of the respective joint.

The purpose of joint sealing generally is to:

  • Prevent passage of media (air, water, chemicals, smoke etc.)
  • Provide thermal and sound insulation
  • Enhance the visual appearance of the construction
Effective joint sealing is critical to ensure the functionality and durability of any building. Although joint sealing only represents a small fraction of the total construction cost, they are often responsible for ensuring both air and weathertightness, which in turn are critical to maintaining a durable, energy efficient building. Additionally, choosing the incorrect sealant can regularly result in large scale replacement measures resulting in unforeseen additional costs to projects.

Sikaflex® Purform® polyurethane technology with ultra-low monomer content

Purform® is a revolutionary new polyurethane technology, developed by Sika. It is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional polyurethane based products, thanks to its ultra-low VOC and low monomer content.

Using Purform® in place of traditional polyurethane within two of our key products, Sikaflex®-11 FC and Sikaflex® PRO-3, future-proofs our products.  

Purform® technology meets the latest new EU REACH regulations which are coming into force in 2023. Like many polyurethane-based sealants and adhesives, Sika products using Purform also benefit from many attributes including:

  • Better tooling and application - particularly in colder weather - than traditional polyurethanes.
  • Improved performance in damp surfaces.
  • Resistant to many chemicals and maintains a high level of performance, even in harsh environments.
  • Creep resistance.
  • Bubble free curing.
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Sikaflex Purform technology

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