Data centres present distinct challenges. Sika Ireland understands these challenges and offers specific expertise and solutions to meet the rigorous performance requirements of every part of data centres, both in new build and refurbishment projects. Our innovative solutions contribute to more seamless overall performance of buildings and facilities and in many cases reduce operating costs at the same time.

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Sika Ireland's Full Range Systems for Data Centres

Building & Roof of a data center
Sika Flooring Solutions applied on the floor of a data center
Concrete floor in warehouse
Sika Emseal rooftop expansion joint in black on white cool roof at Kansas City International airport
SikaProof® A+ application on jobsite
Applying Sika Boom

1. Roofing Solutions

Sika's Single Ply Roof Membranes

Sika has a range of high performance single ply roofing membranes within the Sarnafil® and Sikaplan® product ranges.  They are high quality, extremely durable and the most proven solutions to ensure watertightness. Sika's technical team is happy to assist with project design while the application is carried out by trained and approved contractors, with on-site oversight by Sika's technical team.

Sarnafil® membranes have a proven manufacturing track record of over 50 years.

Key Benefits
Sarnafil® and Sikaplan® roofing membranes are UV resistant as well as system tested to meet the required fire standards. They offer excellent wind uplift resistance and are FM as well as BBA approved. There is a wide range of assemblies available.

Sarnafil® membranes have a long life cycle, are environmentally friendly, recyclable and meet LEED, Green Globes®, BBA, BREEAM®, DGNB® and NSF requirements.

Sika's Mechanically Fastened Singly Ply Systems

Mechanically fastened single ply membrane systems are an excellent option for metal or wood deck system assemblies.

Multiple product options
Sika's Sarnafil® and Sikaplan® ranges offer options for mechanically attached systems in both PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and FPO (flexible polyolefin) single-layer membrane technologies.

The mechanically fastened version enables a quick application of thermally broken tubes and fasteners and through the seam of the membrane to the approved substrate and is the sound economical choice. The adhered version is fixed to the approved substrate with an adhesive and offers the best solution for an aesthetically appealing yet sturdy assembly that adapts well to any uniquely formed roofs. No penetration of the roof membrane with fasteners is needed.

Sika's Adhered Singly Ply Membrane System

Sika's adhesive membrane systems are an excellent choice for concrete substrates and can also be considered for steel and timber due to their versatility.

Multiple product options
Sika's Sarnafil® range offers options for bonded systems in both PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and FPO (flexible polyolefin) single ply membrane technologies. The Sarnafil range also features an innovative "peel and stick" self-adhered system that reduces labour and avoids VOC fumes normally associated with liquid primers and adhesives.

The Sarnafil® adhered membrane system provides enables a fast, robust and cost-effective application (especially on concrete substrates).

SikaShield® Bitumen Felt Roofing System

With it's SikaShield® product line, Sika features a range of high performance bituminous flat roofing membranes. They offer robust watertightness and Sika's technical team is happy to assist with project design while trained and approved contractors carry out the application, with on-site oversight by Sika's field technicians.

Can be applied on steel, concrete or timber deck assemblies.

Multiple product solutions
The SikaShield® range includes zero flame self-adhered vapour barriers, base and cap sheets that provide a safe solution through flame-free installation, as well as gas torch application options.  These can be mixed depending on project dynamics.

The SikaShield® core waterproofing membrane has been developed in a hybrid format - with a combination of APAO bitumen on the surface for its hard-wearing profile and SBS bitumen on the lower surface for its better workability, all with fibreglass and polyester reinforcement mats in the middle.

Waterproofing membrane applied on a roof

2. Flooring Solutions

Sikafloor® ESD

Ultimate Protection
The Sikafloor® ESD range is the best solution for safeguarding against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and ensuring optimal protection for sensitive devices and equipment.

Low Maintenance
With its seamless coverage, the Sikafloor® ESD range is a low-maintenance option that is both easy to clean and refurbish.

The Sikafloor® ESD range is specifically designed for use in server halls, data processing rooms, and clean rooms containing sensitive equipment.

Sikafloor® Epoxy

Durable Solution
For areas that face heavy traffic, the Sikafloor® epoxy range provides a resilient solution. With excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and impact, this products are designed to withstand harsh conditions.

Low Maintenance
The Sikafloor® epoxy range offers seamless coverage, is slip-resistant, easy to clean and customizable for a broad range of applications.

Sikafloor® epoxy is a great choice for diverse reange of areas, including server halls, mechanical rooms, hallways, logistics and storage facilities.

Sikafloor® Concrete Sealers & Hardeners

Economic Floor Solutions
Sikafloor® concrete sealers & hardeners encompass a full range of sealers, industrial screeds, liquid hardeners, and dry shakes.

Great Performance
Sikafloor® concrete sealers & hardeners are durable and tough, provide excellent abrasion and impact resistance, come in a high variety of finishing options and provide low odor/ VOC.

Sikafloor® concrete sealers & hardeners are ideal for data halls, warehouses, logistical areas, and non-critical heavy-duty operations.

Sika Flooring Solutions applied on the floor of a data center

3. Concrete Solutions

Sika® Admixtures and SikaFiber®

Shrinkage-Reducing, Compensating Admixtures
Shrinkage-Reducing, Compensating AdmixturesSika® admixtures and SikaFiber® speed up the construction process, extends the service life of the concrete slab and allows for greater joint spacing.

Save time and money: Eliminate steel reinforcement, submittals; shop drawings and installation labour. With Sika® admixtures and SikaFiber®, savings of about 12 – 20% can be achieved compared to conventional steel reinforcement slabs.

Sika® Admixtures and SikaFiber® minimise shrinkage, reduce cracking while increasing hardness, longevity, and sustainability by extending the life cycle and reducing the maintenance costs of concrete slabs.

Concrete floor of data center

4. Movement Joint Solutions

Building Enclosure Systems and Fire-Resistant Expansion Joints

Fire-Resistant Joint Solutions
Sika Emseal offers continuous, watertight sealing systems with factory prefabricated transitions, intersections and changes in direction and plane.
We also offer seismic movement joint covers for floor joints including fire-resistant joints to ensure life safety.

Ensures a sealed, safe and energy-efficient building envelope.
Ability to join identical or non-identical joint technologies.
Allows for directional changes through prefabricated transitions.
Watertight, airtight and weatherproof smoke seal.
Cost-effective and fast without any mechanical anchoring.
Capable of being heat welded and compatible with almost all roofing membranes.
Drive-on cover plates are anchored non-invasively.  

Roofs, below-grade, vertical walls, horizontal deck/floors, split slab plaza/podiums and fire resistant applications.

Some systems are fire resistant up to 4 hours (UL 2079, EN 1366-4, and AS 1530).
Expansion joints have 100% three-dimensional movement capability.

Sika Emseal beige expansion joint seismic joint in stone

5. Waterproofing Solutions

Sikaproof® A+ Waterproofing System

Fully Dual Bonded System
SikaProof® A+ hybrid bonding layer offers a dual mechanical and adhesive bond.

SikaProof® A+ is an extremely robust and flexible membrane whose joints can either be taped or thermally welded.

SikaProof® A+ allows for easy detailing with reduced risk attached and prevents lateral water migration.

SikaProof® A+ application on jobsite

6. Fire Stopping Systems

Fire Stopping / Passive Fire Protection Systems

Complete Portfolio
Sika offers products that range from intumescent sealants, foams, boards, collars, backer rods to coatings.

Sika's compartmented fire protection systems keeps fire in one compartment and prevents it from spreading.

The products can be used as fire stopping measures for cable ducts and other wall & floor penetrations.

Application of expaning foam

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