SikaSwell® swellable profiles and sealants are an internationally tested and proven range of extremely cost effective hydrophilic joint sealing systems which swell in contact with water.

SikaSwell® profiles are easily bonded to joints and penetrations in concrete with Sika® adhesives, normally with no effect on reinforcement and formwork. The SikaSwell® product range includes solutions for sealing construction joints, pipe penetrations, precast sections and isolation joints i.e. between concrete and steel components. They can be used for the primary joint sealing of concrete joints against low to medium water pressure or to provide additional protection and security for other waterproofing systems such as water- stops, e.g. in complex detailing and structures exposed to high water pressure.

The SikaSwell® systems can also provide effective solutions for waterproofing in difficult exposures or application conditions, e.g. against seawater or water with a high salt content, during periods of heavy rainfall on site or when rapid installation without extended waiting is needed.