Skipped concrete

Skipped Concrete is site-mixed or ready-mixed concrete, which remains in its final position in the construction after placing via craned skip or excavator bucket and formwork removal.

This application method is widely used and does not require a special concrete mix design. In fact almost all concrete types can be installed with this method as soon as the concrete is characterised by a minimum consistence.

The versatility of this application method and the fact that no special concrete mix design is required are the major advantages. As a result skipped concrete applications are very economic on the one hand. On the other hand it is an easy concrete installation, because as soon as a crane/excavator is present on the construction site, the contractor can place any kind of concrete with the bucket, which is needed for transportation.

This means almost any kind of concrete can be installed, like low flowability to self-compacting concrete low strength to high strength concrete. Any kind of concrete regarding exposure class and durability requirements.

Moreover this concrete installation method has no influence on fresh and hardened concrete properties like air void content or final strength.