SikaShield® E54 PE 3 mm is an SBS modified bituminous waterproofing membrane with a thickness of 3 mm.

It is reinforced with a non-woven polyester fabric dimensionally stabilised with glass fibre and is flexible at -15 °C. 

Elastomeric bituminous roofing underlay membrane surfaced with PE foil.

The top surface is coated with a polyethylene foil, which ensures the bond of the overlying layer. The underside of the product has a burn-off film for easy torch-application.

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Image: SikaShield® E54 PE 3 mm is FM approved

SikaShield® E74 PE SA 3 mm is a self-adhesive membrane reinforced with a non-woven composite polyester fabric stabilized with fiberglass to be used in torch free areas.

Due to the special compound made up of radial and linear elastomeric thermoplastic polymers and tackifying resins, SikaShield® E74 PE SA 3 mm has a high adhesion even at low temperatures.

This characteristic, allows the membrane to be applied onto the most common building materials, such as metal, plywood, OSB, polystyrene and extruded foam, polyurethane foam coated with polyethylene fiberglass felt, etc.

This bottom adhesive face is protected by a silicone coated-film, which is easily removed during the application. The upper face is coated with polyethylene film, which facilitates the adhesion of other membranes on top. A longitudinal self-adhesive strip protected by a silicone removable film is also provide to guarantee a fully bonded overlapping of the membranes.

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Image: SikaShield® E74 PE SA 3 mm is FM approved