Sika is a global market leader in concrete admixtures technology. Combining this with our expertise in waterproofing has led to the development and evolution of the Sika® Watertight Concrete System.

Advantages of Sika Watertight Concrete System:

  • Time saved at design and construction stages, as the need for complex detailing and installation is eliminated
  • Cost effective in comparison with other systems
  • Delivers maximum usable area to the occupier
  • Quality backed by Sika warranty, BBA certificate and a 60 years track record
  • Peace of mind for the owner, designer, contractor and end user of the building

The Sika Watertight Concrete System can be used for all types of below-ground structures, including habitable basements, car parks and areas for business use.

Keeping Water OUT Keeping Water IN
Basement   Swimming Pools
Habitable basements Water retaining structures
Parking garages
Utility/Plant rooms Water structures
Tunnels Waste water treatment structures

Our Range of Watertight Concrete Solutions