Stay Safe and Bond Your Wood Floor

We all need roots that we can rely on and especially wood that is grown as trees, with their roots holding them firmly in the ground. Give your wood flooring that natural grip back and bond it in position.

As in nature, good bond must have a certain flexibility to compensate for differential movement, such as between an inorganic subfloor and an organic wood floor. Sika was a pioneer in elastic wood floor bonding, which has substantially and sustainably changed the way wood flooring is laid all around the world. Sika’s elastic adhesives have now proven themselves over many years, giving wood floors a durable, long-lasting, flexible but firm and resilient bond to the substrate. Our latest products continue the development of this expertise and follow the path of sustainable bonding with adaptable mechanical properties, and all to the latest and highest EHS standards. Sika’s wood floor bonding adhesives are designed to meet the different requirements of your selected wood flooring, your new or existing substrate or screed, your flooring contractor and the well-being and aesthetic expectations of the owners and users.

Typical Application

Fast curing elastic wood flooring adhesive for professional use. Ideal for bonding wood floors using liquid batten/beaded application. Use with solid, engineered, parquet wood floors and chip board.

The Sika AcouBond-System incorporates Direct Bond Technology with acoustic performance. The Sika AcouBond-System consists of SikaLayer-03, a 1/8“ (3 mm) proprietary specially slotted foam mat, and SikaBond-T53, a unique permanently elastic, super strong, sound dampening adhesive that forms a tenacious bond to wood flooring, plywood subfloors, concrete, and other common subfloor materials.

Laying a wood floor starts with the analysis and preparation of the screed and ends with varnishing or oiling the wood floor. At Sika we have the products and expertise to help you achieve the best results in all situations. Our system solutions are designed to be balanced, giving your wood floor protection and firm adhesion below, with protection and
shine from above. Choose Sika system solutions for the complete installation process from levelling to varnishing.

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