The Sikadur Combiflex® SG System is the second generation of the globally renowned Sikadur Combiflex® range, with improved adhesion and performance characteristics and approvals for use in contact with drinking water. This unique system consists of the weldable Sikadur Combiflex® SG tapes and established Sikadur® adhesives. It is designed for use in a joint and crack waterproofing system in all types of structures, however mainly in watertight concrete structures.

The Sikadur Combiflex® SG System is a high performance joint and crack sealing solution for:

  • Movement joints
  • Construction joints
  • Pipe penetrations
  • Cracks

Typical Applications

Below grade basement waterproofing with sheet membrane system
  • Water tightness with high durability
  • Easy to control / repair
  • Independent of concreting works
  • High joint movement capacity
Bridges / Tunnels
Illustration of concrete bridge with structural strengthening carbon fiber plates and FRP fabric
  • De-icing salt resistance
  • UV resistant Tunnel Ventilation Ducts
  • Airtight
  • Accommodates variable joint widths
Drinking Water Tanks
Interior of public drinking water reservoir in Offenberg Germany with Sikaplan waterproofing membrane
  • Approved for use in contact with drinking water
  • Long-term water resistance
  • Ideal for new and repair works
  • Easy to control / repair
Swimming Pools
Swimming Pool of the Epirus Sport and Health Center in Ioannina, Greece
  • Resistance to ozone, chlorine and UV light
  • Easy to clean
  • Non abrasive to skin
Structural Repair
Men applying Sika CarboDur carbon fiber plates for structural strengthening
  • Watertight crack sealing
  • Resistant to water pressure from both faces / sides of the structure
Sewage Treatement Plants
Blue sedimentation tanks in waste water treatment plant in Wroclaw in Poland
  • Resistant to sewage
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Independent of concreting work
  • High joint movement capacity
Ground Water Protection
Tunnel Boring Machine technologies
  • Chemically resistant
  • High environmental security
  • Watertight sealing
Facade Joints
Sika offices in Zurich, Switzerland
  • High joint movement capacity
  • Overpaintable (adhesive)
  • External weathering resistant
  • UV light resistant