The SikaProof® System offers two methods of installation:

SikaProof® A - the "pre-applied" system, which means that the membrane is installed in the formwork before the reinforcement and concrete is plcaed. The membrane sheets are available in 1.0 and 2.0 wide rolls with a prefabricated self-adhesive strip. That features recude joints and installation time, what makes the installation more efficient,especially on large areas.  

SikaProof® P - the "post-applied" system, which means that the membrane system is installed on the hardened/existing concrete structure. SikaProof® P membrane is a self-adhesive peel and stick system that is installed on existing concrete structures. To create a durable and enhanced bond, use SikaProof® Primer-01 onto the prepared concrete surfaces prior to the self-adhesive SikaProof® P membrane being installed.