SikaBond®-52 Wood Floor

Solvent-free elastic adhesive for Wood Flooring

SikaBond®-52 Wood Floor is a fast-curing elastic wood flooring adhesive for professional use. Ideal for bonding wood floors using liquid batten/beaded application. Use with solid, engineered, parquet wood floors and chipboard.

  • 1-component, ready to use.
  • Fast curing properties.
  • Floor can be sanded after 12 hours (full surface bonding, +23°C / 50% r. h., up to 1 mm adhesive thickness).
  • Excellent workability, very easy to extrude.
  • Good initial tack.
  • Elastic, footfall sound-dampening adhesive.
  • Suitable for most common types of wood floors.
  • Especially suitable for problematic woods including beech, maple and bamboo.
  • Suitable for bonding wood floors directly onto old ceramic tiles.
  • Reduces stress to the substrate: the elastic adhesive reduces stress transfer between the wood floor and the substrate.
  • Suitable for use with subfloor heating.
  • Compensates for some substrate unevenness.
  • Adhesive can be sanded.
  • Solvent free.
  • Odourless.

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