Sikadur®-52 Injection Normal

Epoxy low viscosity injection resin

Sikadur®-52 Injection Normal is an epoxy based 2-part low viscosity injection resin specially formulated for crack injection work by either pressure injection or gravity feed techniques.
Available in 2 grades: Type N (Normal pot life) substrate temperature range +5°C to +30°C. Type LP (Long pot life) substrate temperature range +25°C to +40°C.

  • Good adhesion to concrete, masonry, stone, steel and wood substrates
  • Suitable for both, dry and damp conditions
  • Maximum crack width 5,0 mm
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Usable at low temperatures
  • Two grades for different climatic conditions
  • Shrinkage free hardening
  • High mechanical and adhesive strengths
  • Hard but not brittle
  • Low viscosity
  • Injectable with single component pumps