The key to durable concrete production is the selection of quality constituent materials brought together in a dense cement matrix.

This is achieved by:   

  • Reducing the water/cement ratio   
  • High consistence with a good flowability in order to fill even intricate formwork   
  • Proper curing which starts as soon as possible and which is maintained for a sufficient period


With the extraordinary superplasticising capabilities of Sika® ViscoCrete®technology, it is possible to reduce the water content of the concrete significantly and extend its flowability. Depending on the exposure conditions of the concrete, further improvements indurability can be obtained with the addition of:  

  • Sika® Control®-40 for the minimisation of shrinkage   
  • Sika® AER to ensure a defined amount of artificially entrained air voids, for increased frost and freeze/thaw resistance   
  • SikaCrete® silicafume to improve the density of the matrix and the bond between the cement matrix and the aggregates