SikaBit® VB SA-730k is an SBS modified bituminous, self-adhesive vapour control layer. It is reinforced with aluminium foil and a dimensionally stable non-woven polyester inlay.

The membrane offers high resistance to vapour movement and enhanced watertightness. It also features high elongation and high mechanical properties, which make it a excellent membrane for specification. The membrane also accommodates a wide range of roof systems, deck types and substrate combinations, which gives the option to tailor the specifics of a project.

SikaBit® PRO VB P-30 VCL Sand is a modified, bituminous, torch-applied, waterproofing membrane. It is reinforced with a dimensionally stable non-woven polyester inlay. It can be applied to various deck types and surface combinations.

This is a performance membrane offering enhanced watertightness. The engineering of the membrane gives improved elongation and cold flexibility, which also contributes to increased mechanical properties such as tensile, tear, and shear. The membrane has good resistance to impact and is easy to install by torching method. There is a choice of primers to suit substrate and weather conditions.