The use of a building or civil engineering structure may change throughout the course of its service life, as for example its whole function can change, loads can increase and/or higher building standards are required and the structure must be made compliant. Sika provides fully comprehensive solutions with complete systems for all kinds of structural strengthening and improvement. Whether increasing the bending, shear or impact resistance, tested and proven Sika systems are available for use on reinforced concrete, steel, wood and masonry load-bearing structures.

Sika Structural Strengthening Systems have been tested extensively internally and externally, under many different conditions to ensure their long-term performance in different environments for:

  • Long-term fatigue
  • Artificial ageing
  • Exposure in alkaline environments
  • Installation under dynamic load

System Advantages

Can be used on reinforced concrete, timber, masonry, cast iron and steel, on civil and building structures, on the top or bottom of beams and slabs to increase flexural capacity or on the sides of beams and columns to improve shear resistance

Increased structural strength and improves shear resistance

Increased corrosion resistance and resistance to chemical attack

Fast turn around accelerates project times for refurbishment projects

Solving of difficult access problems, enables the redistribution of loads around new openings

Existing services can be left in place

Different types of carbon fibre plates, rods & fabrics available

Low water absorption structural adhesives

Low installation costs


Typical Application

IE-Concrete Repair-Column Strengthening
Column Strengthening
IE-Concrete Repair-Beam Strengthening
Beam Strengthening
IE-Concrete Repair-Pre-Stressed Strengthening
Pre-Stressed Strengthening
IE-Concrete Repair-Earthquake Damage
Seismic Upgrading / Earthquake Damage Repair
IE-Concrete Repair-Impact Resistance
Increasing Impact Resistance
IE-Concrete Repair-Crack Prevention
Crack Prevention / Reduction

Our Range of Structural Strengthening Products