Sika has a history of half a century in supplying long-lasting liquid applied membrane (LAM) systems. We belong to the founder generation in the 1960's and today we are the global leader in a strongly growing liquid applied roofing market segment.

Sika offers not only a wide range of technologies and systems, but also a comprehensive technical service to ensure a smooth completion of every project. From first project consultation, specification, on-site training, quality control, site inspection to guarantee.

Sika’s priority has always been customer focus, local integrity and a consideration of local construction methods. One of the main pillars of Sika’s strategy is local production of construction materials developed by a well-established network of Sika Corporate, regional and local technology centres.

More than 20 local production plants for liquid applied membranes spread around all regions ensure short transportation and lead times and contribute to CO2 emissions reduction. Our products and systems are designed to meet local standards to provide our customers with economical and durable solutions.