Solar Panel Roof Installations

Solar panel roofs also known as photovoltaic (PV) contribute to the environment by generating sustainable electricity production.

Solar roofs offer many benefits to your project

  • Cost savings through solar power purchase agreements, tax credits and income from sale of surplus electricity, if available locally
  • Environmental win by obtaining electricity from a renewable resource without pollution
  • Reliable source of energy in the case of electrical outage when the PV system has battery-powered storage
  • Stable, relatively fixed costs as PV systems are less vulnerable to electricity rate hikes  

Our Solution - Complete Product Range, Benefits and Expert Support

Sika supplies Sika SolaRoof® System - a full range of products to design and build your full solar roof system with one supplier.

Sika® SolarMount-1 (SSM1) -a lightweight, aerodynamic and non-penetrating mounting system for the installation of rigid photovoltaic (PV) panels to flat roofs, covered with Sika single ply membranes. The key component is the Sika-designed "Sika SolarClick" fastener, which is produced of compounds perfectly matching Sika’s PVC and FPO membranes and is attached by hot-air welding.

Complete roofing membrane range – PVC and FPO

Guarantee – seamless PV and roof guarantee up to 20 years

Solar PV will help the roofing contractors to win more jobs - the solar panels meet all the minimum renewable energy requirements across the construction sector, including Part L of the Building Regulations

Offering a complete roofing and Solar PV system, without impact on the guarantee, will help to differentiate roofing contractors from their competitors

The Sika SolaRoof system can be installed extremely rapidly - approximately 200m2/day

The Sika SolaRoof system is easy and quick to install, and does not require any roof membrane penetrations

Sika Solar-Click fasteners will provide safe connection to the roof waterproofing membrane. They provide a significantly enlarged contact area, which is important for uniform load distribution in order to reduce any local compression loads on the thermal insulation

The Sika SolaRoof system is covered by a 20 year guarantee*

Sika’s experts provide assistance in your project milestones if needed, including design assistance to architects and specifiers and authorised applicator training.

Sika can advise how to make your solar PV roof perform optimally, ensuring not only that the PV panels are mounted correctly, but also that the entire roof assembly is designed incorporating vapor retarders where required, proper insulation layers, appropriate fastening technology, correct detailing and more.

Your local Sika technical experts can advise you on the best approach in your solar roof design.

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