Sika Solution for a Safe2Torch System is Composed of:

Torch applied and coated with mineral granules hot-bonded to the external layer in APAO-modified bitumen, ensuring strong and long lasting adhesion.

Thanks to this finish, which was designed to meet specific aesthetic requirements, the membrane will be protected from the impact of hailstones with sharp edges and can be designed for use as final and visible layer for exposed roofs.

To be able to seal the membrane overlaps, the sheets are produced with a side strip of approximately 8 cm without granules.

Torch applied and incorporates a multifunctional fleece called Texflamina. This smooth finishing is the perfect solution for inverted and green roofs and a quicker alternative to hot melt.

The self-adhesive version to be used in the Safe2Torch areas. This membrane has the same properties of SikaBit® PRO T-940, but features an adhesive compound but features and adhesive compound on the underside for bonding.

The Multi-Layer Bituminous Membrane Cap Sheet