Water - an Undervalued Resource

Sika takes measures to use water economically by reducing consumption, treating water, and using lower-grade water qualities especially in geographies with water scarcity. Efficient production projects have been implemented using closed-loop cooling, cooling towers, and switching from public to groundwater in order to reduce the amount of processed drinking water used in production. With these measures, the reuse of treated wastewater, and the collection of rainwater at various production sites, Sika reduced its water consumption on a large scale over the past years.

Efficient use of input materials

Sika’s production processes are material intensive, using high volumes of nonrenewable resources like sand, cement, fillers, organic raw materials, and packaging and transportation materials. The major commercial impact of input materials makes their efficient use and reuse a mandatory element at Sika. Efficient production means reducing and reusing production scrap and packaging materials as well as improving packaging design, resulting in higher productivity and lower material use.