Sika has designed special flooring solutions for the use in schools, museums, retail, leisure and healthcare facilities, plus many other commercial and public buildings.

This Sika flooring range combines individual design with health care including comfort underfoot and the lowest VOC emissions, in order to create a unique flooring experience.

Sika ComfortFloor® Solutions

  • Low VOC emissions
  • Noise absorbent
  • Good impact sound insulation
  • High comfort underfoot
  • Good wear resistance
  • Good impact resistance
  • Crack-bridging
  • Decorative

The Sika decorative floor range meets the need for individual and decorative designs in commercial, retail and leisure facilities using coloured chips, aggregates and other special fillers. These floors allow you to create many different and unique surface designs, ranging from textured broadcast and smooth power float finishes. Sika decorative floor systems can be produced in a wide range of different colour shades, with additional special colours available to order.

Sika ComfortFloor® systems for commercial and public building areas are soft enough to provide underfoot comfort in those areas where personnel stand for long periods of time. These resilient flooring solutions not only reduce footfall noise and horizontal noise transmission, but also resist scratching by their elastic deformation and recovery.

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