Sika is a speciality chemicals company and trust is the basis of its success. For more than a century, Sika has focused on the quality of brands and technologies while inspiring the industry with its innovations. We are committed to delivering reliable, innovative and durable sealant and adhesive solutions for customers in manufacturing industries. Discover our leading technologies in bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting.  

Sikaflex® is recognized as the worldwide leading adhesive and sealant brand when it comes to one component polyurethane and silane-terminated polymer technologies. Within the industry we offer product and solutions for various applications such as glass bonding, sealing, adhesive bonding, bedding and caulking. Sikaflex® is widely used and appreciated due to the capability to adapt mechanical properties to application requirements.
SikaLastomer® is a line of butyl tapes and non-skinning and curing sealants. SikaLastomer® tapes are high performance, tacky elastic butyl tapes which bond to a variety of substrates. Its superior surface tack affords tenacious adhesion without pre-wiping. SikaLastomer® is a pasty, butyl rubber based sealant. It can be used for plastic sealing of joints in many industrial sectors.
Sika has been a series supplier and development partner since the early 80’s to the automotive OEM Industry. Over the years we have continuously strengthened our expertise and developed SikaTack® product systems for the use in the automotive repair and replacement industry. SikaTack® one-component hot and cold applied polyurethane adhesives are designed specifically for auto glass replacement (AGR), direct glazing applications and panel bonding in facades.
Sikasil® silicone products include one- and two-component (1C & 2C) adhesive systems. They offer excellent adhesion to glass, coated metals, plastics and wood, and are designed for the most demanding adhesive and sealing applications, like those requiring high UV resistance and temperature stability and involving automated industrial processes.
SikaMelt® reactive and non-reactive hot melt adhesives are used primarily in industrial lamination for technical textiles and nonwovens SikaMelt® is primarily applied in the building and construction, consumables, medical and transportation markets due to its special properties e.g. flame retardancy, water resistance and breathability. SikaMelt® offers a high technical performance when you need a reliable, durable partner.
SikaFast® adhesives are fast curing acrylate polymer based products for structural applications. Their rapid strength development and high lag shear strength are ideal for thin and light material applications where curing speed is essential such as quick fixturing in industrial manufacturing.
SikaForce® is Sika’s brand for two-component polyurethane adhesives. SikaForce® adhesive systems are widely used in industrial assembly processes by designers and producers of bonded building and construction insulation panels, manufacturers of composite parts, and vehicle producers. SikaForce® are also one- two- and three-component (1C, 2C and 3C) polyurethane laminating adhesives for production of sandwich panels and embedding of glass balustrades.
SikaSeal® products are used for mastic and anti-flutter applications in vehicle assembly. Performance properties of Sika anti-flutter adhesives offer the highest wash out resistance level in their product class, and the unique ability of the materials to prevent bond line read through when cured. Within the product range some SikaSeal® adhesives are expandable which allows for the bridging of higher gaps. SikaSeal® is also offered in our acoustics product range as extruded expandable tapes.
SikaPower® epoxy adhesives play a key role within the automotive and manufacturing industry when it comes to bonding metals and composites. They are mostly used for rigid substrates where high static loads capacity is needed. SikaPower® adhesives are the solution where performance and resistance to shocks and fatigue are required.
SikaBaffle® are 3D, heat-reactive thermoplastic or elastomeric parts designed to seal a body cavity. SikaBaffle® products have been developed with a variety of volumetric expansion properties to ensure even complex body cavities can be sealed to meet OEM design parameters. SikaBaffle® parts can be robotically or manually applied into vehicle cavities.
SikaReinforcer® is a heat-reactive, foamable epoxy material used in combination with SikaStructure® carriers in highly engineered injection molded parts to reinforce vehicle body structures. SikaReinforcer® is also available in extruded tapes for joining, and pad configurations for panel stiffening applications. SikaReinforcer cures in the E coat oven during the assembly process. Applications target improved NVH (noise vibration harshness) behavior, enhanced local stiffness and crash performance, and overall weight reduction (compared to equivalent steel designs).
SikaBlock® stands for a wide range of specially formulated machinable board materials for the construction of design, styling, master and cubing models as well as various molds and other manufacturing tools. In accordance with requirements, the materials differ in densities of 0.08 to 1.7 kg/dm³, in respect of their structure, as well as their mechanical and thermal characteristics. The boards are available in different dimensions. All board types allow fast machining with low dust very precisely using CNC milling. Since decades SikaBlock® provides benefical alternative solutions versus traditional methods using wood or metal.
SikaDamp® solutions comprise a broad family of sound deadeners based on elastomers, bitumen or butyl, which can also be coupled with a constraining layer. SikaDamp® is versatile in application as a magnetic, self-adhesive, melt-adhesive or peel-and-stick product in standard and custom die cut shapes while achieving maximum damping effect at best-in-class weight-to-performance ratios. Placement and shape of parts can be highly tuned through laser-vibrometer analysis of the entire body panel system, which allows for targeted, cost-efficient use in vehicle acoustics, white goods and building components applications.
The brand SikaBiresin® represents specialized liquid resins based on polyurethane and epoxy. A part of this brand is dedicated to classic and advanced tooling and modeling applications. While other products are specialized on specific applications in the production industry. From special layers and resins for air and medical filters, even crystal-clear products for art and decorating are part of this broad reaching product brand. Specialized resins for encapsulation of electric and electronic parts as well as composite resins for lightweight design and production complete the portfolio.
SikaSense® water- and solvent-based one- and two-component adhesive systems cover a broad range of applications, substrates and processes, so material properties vary depending on which substrates are being bonded. Viscosities and rheological properties can be adjusted and optimized to meet special process requirements.