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Sika Passive Fire Protection Solutions

Sika provides comprehensive solutions where fire resistant construction is required such as commercial, public and residential buildings, steel structures and others.

Sika Passive Fire Protection solutions comply with the most relevant national and international standards (including EN, UL, EAD (ETAG), ASTM, AS, Certifire), in order to confirm that they meet the highest fire resistance requirements and consequently can help save people’s lives.

SikaShield® Bituminous Solutions

As a global leader in the manufacture of innovative roofing systems, we have launched a suite of advanced Bituminous Membranes that are perfect for high-performance flat roof installations. SikaShield® range also includes reinforced bituminous systems that comply with the Safe2Torch guidance for safe roof installations.

SikaShield® is a hybrid APAO roofing system which offers the best of both bitumen manufacturing technologies – flexibility and tensile strength of SBS modified membranes, along with UV stability of APP membranes. SikaShield® range, also has a full suite of detailing materials to complement the completely flame-free Safe2Torch-compliant roof system.

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Basement Waterproofing Standards and Solutions
Waterproofing solutions for tunnels
Engineers Ireland Training Provider

This seminar analyses the different grades of use in accordance with BS 8102 - 2022 Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water Ingress. Considers the various solutions of waterproofing both above and below ground available to the specifier.

  • Overview of updated BS 8102:2022
  • Satisfying the 3 grades of use in accordance with BS 8102:2022
  • Protection of structures against water from the ground
  • Importance of sustainability in construction
Concrete Repair - A Specifier’s Introduction to Concrete Repair (BS EN 1504)
IE-Concrete Repair-TM image

Provides an awareness of the underlying contributors that lead to the deterioration of reinforced concrete. It also seeks to look at examples of and explain the primary cause of distress, gives guidance in selecting appropriate repair and remedial strategies and looks finally at modern material technologies. This includes repair mortars, corrosion inhibitors and protective coatings.

Car Park Structural Waterproofing & Protective Deck Treatments
IE-Flooring-Dundrum Car park

This CPD provides typical problems associated with car park structures and product selection criteria. The different applications of a waterproofing system and the management and maintenance of structures in accordance with the ICE document. Industry standards will be discussed and some representative case studies of both refurbishment and new build structures in line with the new British and European Standard BS EN 1504 will be shown.

Seamless Flooring CPD - RIBA Approved

Learning Objectives:  

  • Improve understanding of the characteristics of the main resin flooring types
  • Improve understanding of key considerations for specifying seamless resin flooring
  • Enhance awareness of the relevant standards for further reference
  • Enhance knowledge of advanced systems and technologies of resin flooring materials
Sika Sarnafil - Selecting Flat Roofing System to Meet Modern Demands
  • Design of flat roofs – cold, warm, protected, green, solar and blue roofs
  • Design considerations - achieving falls, drainage and ponding, wind uplift, BRE accredited details, CDM, Sustainability and BIM
  • Roof systems
  • Installation, training and quality assurance   
Sika-Trocal - Effective Design
Roofing-Sika-Trocal single ply membrane
  • Design Considerations - Choosing a single ply system and designing to best practice.
  • Quality Suppliers - Support and services from single ply manufacturers.
  • Guarantees - Flexibility and options.
  • Industry and Legislation - Meeting standards.
  • Sectors and Build Types - Considerations and methods.
  • History and Group Information - On both Sika-Trocal and the Sika Group.
Sika Liquid Plastics - Managing Risk
Roofing Liquid Applied Membrane
  • Provide levels of required performance and guarantees
  • Meet current and predicted legislative requirements
  • Reduce the risk of litigation and associated consequences
Sika Pro-Tecta Profiled Metal Roof Solutions WEBINAR
Metal Roof Coating System

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Introduction to Sika
  • Profiled Metal Roofs and Refurbishment Requirements
  • The new Sika Pro-Tecta range of systems – cut edge corrosion treatment and full waterproofing systems.
  • Our range of coatings for specialist applications
  • Sika’s full service and support
  • Sika at work
SikaBit® Bituminous Flat Roofing Solutions - RIAI Approved
Metal Roof Coating System

Learning objectives:

  • To learn about flat roofing expertise and experience in proving flat roofing excellence and quality
  • To review how reinforced bitumen membranes (RBMs) have traditionally been the flat roofing system of choice
  • To understand the compliance requirements of the Safe2Torch/NFRC campaign and why it came about
  • To discover next generation of RBM systems - good practices, performance, legislation and other design considerations
  • To learn what criteria comprehensive systems must meet and why APAO systems exceed all these requirements. This will also include technical and specification support
A Specifiers Guide to Joint Sealants - Essential for a Long-Lasting and Watertight Building
Facade of Sika office building in Zurich

Aimed as an overview for architects in particular but of equal interest to any specifier involved in the creation of designs and specifications involving new build and refurbished facades and floor joint sealants.

  • Discover why sealants should be a key factor in specification
  • To learn what you should expect from a quality supplier

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