Sika BentoShield® MAX LM is a fully-bonded, self-healing waterproofing system. It is a polymer-modified natural sodium bentonite, needle-punched membrane with integrated PE flexible laminate. The sealing technology of Sika BentoShield® MAX LM combines the unique swelling performance of sodium bentonite with high-strength polypropylene geotextiles.

The key attribute of Sika BentoShield® MAX LM is its ability to self-heal, which cannot be matched by other bituminous, paint-on or plastic waterproofing methods. The unique bentonite clay component of Sika BentoShield® MAX LM is able to swell and seal all cracks and minor holes.



  • One responsibility from Single Source Supplier - Sika’s full range of waterproofing solutions now include Sika Bentoshield MAX LM
  • Peace of mind - Ten year guarantee with site support and toolbox talks from waterproofing specialists
  • Risk reduction - New watertight sealed lap technology and a specially designed laminated layer
  • Not all systems are the same - BBA accredited system to the new higher standards, the first system tested to BS EN 1928
  • Self healing puncture resistant natural sodium bentonite tanking in accordance with BS 8102:2009 and designed to resist contaminated and saline ground water*
    * It is a requirement that groundwaters are tested and verified prior to the
    system application.