Sikafloor® Solutions for Multi-Storey and Underground Car Parks

Parking has become a vital part of today’s mobile community, especially in metropolitan areas including airports, all of which are growing at an ever faster rate. This means continually providing more parking spaces by building new car parks and frequently extending and refurbishing existing ones.

Modern parking structures are essential and integrated into a cities’ architecture. They are frequently built using ‘fast-track’ construction techniques, with as much off-site construction as possible, to reduce the disruption in these areas.
Therefore precast and prefabricated sections of steel frames with reinforced concrete decks and stairways are usually combined in composite structures for new car parks. The adequate protection of new build car parks will prevent cost intensive refurbishment being required in the future.


Most of the existing multi-storey car parks have been built predominantly of reinforced concrete construction, many of which have a history of early deterioration, structural defects and shortcomings in safety. This is due to poor design, poor construction, low standards of maintenance and repair, or a combination of all three. The closure of many areas and even whole car parks for costly repair or replacement has been necessary. These bad experiences have served to emphasise the need for improved performance in car park design, construction and the materials used, in order to ensure the increased durability and safety of both new and existing structures.

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