Sika is a global expert in all core technologies commonly used in our specialty area of seamless flooring. And, all Sikafloor® solutions are developed and manufactured according to industry standards as well as our own strict standards for quality assurance and business ethics. To ensure the perfect solution for your business, we offer several flooring families for you to choose from.

Sika flooring and coating solutions are based on many technologies including: Epoxy, PUR and PMMA resins; combina-tions of different binder technologies such as PU & Cement and EP & Cement for solutions covering all types of requirements for industrial and commercial applications. Sika‘s quality products are designed for the latest trends and requirements and comply with all regulations and standards, e.g. ISO 9001 and 14001, AgBB, CE-MARKING, M1, CSM, etc. Additionally, Sika is the world leader in VOC and ESD/ECF flooring technology. Sika flooring and coating solutions are used in various function areas in buildings and facilities, for example for industrial floors with mechanical and chemical resistance, food industry walls with hygienic requirements, floors and walls in clean room environments, and decorative floors and walls in commercial and residential buildings.

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