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Adoption of and compliance with the Code of Conduct by the General Managers and their management teams was reviewed again in 2018, and conformity confirmed in a reporting system, the “Compliance Confirmation”. The 100% response rate and completeness of the details provided suggest absolute compliance. For the first time, Sika has consolidate an overview of all compliance cases addressed in 2018, at any level, throughout the organization.  

The number of compliance cases in 2018 totals 30, which is a very low number considering the size of the Group. Employees are the most effective channel to detect violation, which proves that transparency is a key value at Sika and needs to be preserved. 90% of dismissals (+ 2 resignations) confirm a zero tolerance culture and consistency in remediation.  

Conflict of Interest and Internal Fraud are most recurrent types and (local) management being the most exposed Group. In 2018, out of 5 alleged cases for misconduct submitted through the Sika Trust Line, 2 were not substantiated. There has been no case of abuse or misuse of the new reporting platform.