• Risk based management approach, also in operations
  • Sustainability part of the operations performance indicators

Sika employs a risk-based management approach for its own operations, the supply chain, and the products it sells and distributes. Major operations are regularly screened by experts according to a loss prevention methodology, with frequent support of our insuring partners. Results are translated into improvement plans together with management. This results in an overall low loss rate due to events such as major supply disruptions, and ensures that customers will receive their goods from Sika in time. Through various audits and inspections of its own operations, and suppliers as well as external audits by customers and certification bodies in Sika facilities, the company adheres to a preventative approach and to continuous improvements. Sika companies are certified to the international management system standards ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management) and ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management) in all operations. The company aspires to fully implement OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment) in major operations, and is starting to introduce ISO 50001 (Energy Management) in the bigger facilities.

Regarding the supply of raw materials, Sika maintains a supplier qualification process for new vendors in 2014 and expanded this approach in the last years. This process encompasses three main elements: supplier code of conduct, supplier self-assessment and supplier visit. It can be complemented by supplier audits when necessary. The process covers all new suppliers. In addition, existing suppliers will be evaluated by using similar criteria such as supplier evaluation, supplier code of conduct, and material specifications. A clear process description of the supplier qualification is defined in the Procurement Manual and followed by Sika companies.

With regards of products and services, Sika follows a Product Development Process (PCP) to manage functional, safety, environmental, and commercial product risks. Regarding the life cycle of commercial products, Sika runs a comprehensive Product Stewardship program including preparation of customer instructions, information on proper use, registration, labelling, packaging and transportation, disposal, as well as improvement of product groups. Sika actively assumes responsibility for sustainability along the entire supply chain, from supplier qualification to production, distribution to the use phase and the disposal of its products.