Sika evaluates all raw materials, intermediate and finished goods for their health and safety impacts during transport, storage, production, distribution, and use. The company maintains a comprehensive Product Stewardship process and network, including a database for impact assessments, toxicological evaluations and product registration, classification, and labelling. Sika therefore considers all its significant product categories to be assessed for health and safety impacts and for improvements.

This results in steady product improvement, e.g. through reduction of solvent content across Sika’s flooring product lines, elimination of critical chemicals from sealants and adhesives, and development of less critical hardeners for adhesives. Sika limits and regulates the use of raw materials with critical toxicological properties through an expert team. The company strives to improve and reduce health and safety impacts continuously by:

  • Internal work procedures for all hazardous materials
  • Informing and educating product users through safety data and worker protection requirements
  • Reducing hazardous chemicals, solvents, volatiles, reactive components where possible
  • Application devices for safe, contact-free application