Sika employs more than 19,000 employees in 105 countries around the world. Through its local activities, Sika contributes directly to the economic and social development of the local communities by providing secure and safe workplaces, transferring knowledge through ongoing training activities to its local employees, and introducing new technologies in the building sector, improving the quality of local housing and infrastructure. Sika’s economic impact on local communities is multiplied through its local sourcing structures.

Sika is committed to promoting on-the-ground self-help. When supporting social projects, local Sika companies are required to put forward specific aid applications and, together with local partners, to supervise the projects on site until completion.

In 2018 Sika supported 128 projects (previous year: 118 projects), a year-on-year increase of 9%. The projects can be split into the following categories: “social” (including donations), “ecological,” “scientific,” and “sports and cultural.”