Disclosure 103-1: Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary
Sika employs more than 20,060 people in 101 countries around the world. Through its local activities, Sika contributes directly to the economic and social development of the local communities by providing secure and safe workplaces, transferring knowledge through ongoing training activities to its local employees, and by introducing new technologies in the building sector improving the quality of local housing and infrastructure. Sika’s economic impact on local communities is multiplied through its local sourcing structures.

Sika builds trust and creates value with customers, communities, and society. Sika believes that immersion into the social networks of countries, societies, and communities will also generate great benefit for its business.

Sika is contributing with targeted project sponsorship to enhancing the social development of the local communities where it operates.

Disclosure 103-2: The management approach and its components
The management approach of Sika is intended to enhance the positive impacts Sika has on local communities. The management approach for local communities includes the following components:

Sika is committed to building trust and creating value with its customers, communities, and society. Local Sika companies are required to put forward specific aid applications, and together with local partners, to supervise the projects on site until completion.

Sika’s 5-year target plan for 2014-2018 includes the following target for local communities:

  • 5% more projects per year (Baseline 2013)

The regional and local line management is responsible for compliance with human rights principles and local regulations.

Sika has developed a sponsorship concept with criteria for sponsorship.

 Sponsoring activities

  • communicate Sika’s brand personality and articulate Sika’s Brand promise “Building Trust” (Brand Affinity);
  • have a link to Sika’s business and its target markets (Business Affinity);
  • transmit core values to the public: courage for innovation, strength to persist, pleasure of working together (Sika Values);
  • demonstrate good corporate citizenship; offer involvement for Sika stakeholders, for customers through special services, but also for employees, e.g. via participation (Involvement).  

Disclosure 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach
Sika evaluates its management approach:

  • Internal auditors visit up to 20 Sika subsidiaries per year. On that occasion, the effectiveness of activities directed toward local communities is checked.
  • Defined processes for monitoring, reviewing, and evaluating:
           -- Regions: Information on current and planned projects to Corporate Communications twice a year.
           -- Corporate Communications: Documentation and summary of sponsoring activities annually (2nd quarter of each calendar year to the CEO). This documentation is distributed to all countries (“best cases”).

 The planning and implementation of social sponsoring/donation projects must consider the following procedure:

  • General Managers: Project request with project description, including costs and duration to Corporate Communications.
  • Corporate Communications: Evaluates and recommends projects; approval from CEO for projects up to CHF 1.0m, by the Chairman for projects above CHF 1.0 m.
  • Board of Directors: Receives report / summary from the CEO (status of all approved projects).

 Sika monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of its management approach according to target achievement. The General Manager of each Sika subsidiary has to inform annually about quantity and quality of projects supported in the corresponding fiscal year.