Disclosure 103: Management approach disclosures

Sika’s worldwide presence makes the integration of widely differing cultures and the global exchange of knowledge and experience absolutely essential. Diversity is desired and seen as a key success factor for Sika. The company firmly believes that the diversity experienced by employees on a daily basis is one of the factors of its success, especially at senior management level.  

Location of Sika Senior Managers Nationalities % of senior managers
EMEA 25 37
Asia/Pacific 16 17
America 15 18
Global Business 6 9
Corporate Organization 13   19

Disclosure 103-2: The management approach and its components
Until now, diversity has not been actively measured and managed. Based on the outcomes of the measurements in 2015, Sika will introduce relevant management processes. Sika strives in particular to increase the proportion of women in managerial and commercial positions. Women account for 22.3% of total headcount (2017: 22.6%) and 19.4% of managers (2017: 18.4%). Sika is committed to provide equal opportunities for all our employees.


Disclosure 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach
Sika introduced its five values and principles in 2014. The success of any company hinges not only on implementing the right strategy, but also on harnessing the trust and commitment of its employees. Sika’s rise to its leading global position is driven by the five values and principles that define its corporate culture. These are:

  1. Customer First: Sika designs all its new products and solutions with its customers’ success in mind. The company looks to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships rather than focus on short-term successes. This mindset is reflected in Sika’s Building Trust tagline.
  2. Courage for Innovation: Innovation management is at the core of the company’s business. Sika has institutionalized its Product Creation Process with a strong focus on consistently developing new products, systems, and solutions.
  3. Sustainability & Integrity: Sustainability is a key component of Sika’s drive for innovation. For buildings and industrial applications alike, Sika aims to enhance durability and improve both energy and material efficiency. Sika’s aim is to reduce resource consumption within its own company as well as for its partners, who trust in Sika products. The well-being and health of employees and partners is a prerequisite to the company’s success.
  4. Empowerment & Respect: Sika fosters a working environment based on trust and respect. The company focuses consistently on working in close partnership with each other and with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. Sika believes in the competence and the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees. The company empowers its people to develop and propose new ideas, which is why decisions and responsibilities are delegated to the level of competence. Corporate units are structured to be as decentralized as possible, with flat hierarchies and broad spans of control.
  5. Manage for Results: Sika is persistent in the pursuit of its vision and targets and has a long-term view, taking pride in continuously achieving outstanding results. Functions and projects are clearly assigned because giving people responsibility guarantees success. Sika has transparent remuneration benchmarks following a defined strategy. Performance evaluation is based on market share, sales growth, profitability, and capital efficiency.