Fines and Sanctions

In 2018, Sika incurred no significant fines for
non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Sika strives for
full legal and regulatory compliance, which are the foundation of its
business. Therefore, all ISO-certified subsidiaries have a process in
place to help them understand regulatory requirements and changes. They
maintain certified management systems according to ISO 9001 (Quality),
ISO 14001 (Environment), and in some cases OHSAS 18000 (Health &
Safety) and ISO 50001 (Energy efficiency). Most of Sika’s subsidiaries
work with external advisors to stay informed about regulatory changes.

The management system according to ISO 14001 require companies to follow
up on new legislation and implement legal requirements accordingly.
Subsidiaries are audited by Legal and Internal Audit for compliance.
General Managers are obliged to strictly adhere to applicable
legislation and to supervise the subsidiary accordingly. Each year they
have to verify the level of compliance in their company together with
their management teams, and confirm it through a global reporting system
(the Compliance Confirmation).

In 2018, the reporting has not shown any deviation from compliance
standards. Sika implements an Internal Control System according to Swiss
public company law in all its subsidiaries to ensure adherence to these