Indirect energy conversion results in greenhouse gas emissions (CO²) depending on the primary energy used in the country’s electric power generation mix. Therefore, a shift from the company’s own power generation to purchasing electrical power may positively or negatively impact Sika’s total carbon footprint.

To obtain an informed estimate, we use the Greenhouse Gas Protocol calculator to quantify the scope 2 emissions. However, in some cases, e.g. Germany and the USA, Sika has contractual agreements with power suppliers to procure “green” power, e.g. from hydro-electrical conversion or solar suppliers, which have a smaller carbon footprint than the average footprint of energy generation in the country. In these cases, Sika deducts the renewable amount from total consumption, before converting into CO². For the year under review, calculated CO² emissions from third party power supply amounted to around 109,000 tons for the Group (previous year: 102,000 tons).

All values reported are location based as an aggregate of all indirect energy consumption.