Energy intensity is the ratio between the total energy consumed by the company and total tons sold. Energy consumption per ton sold added up to 424 megajoules (previous year: 450 megajoules). The decrease in energy consumption is a consequence of a global strategy: Sika continued to replace lighting solutions with the latest LED technology. This technology has led to substantial energy savings of up to 70% of total lighting electricity consumption in those locations where the technology was implemented. Furthermore, shorter batch time in production led to a higher output on existing production lines, resulting in increased energy efficiency. The replacement of technical equipment focuses on new energy efficient installations, such as motors, air conditioning, heating/cooling, and pressurized air systems. Further activities encompass energy efficient operation of electric motors with frequency converter, leakage detection and fixation of air losses in pressurized air systems, and energy efficient cooling of process water with use of cooling tower and optimized logistics. The modernization of the vehicle fleet in 2018 also resulted in fuel reduction. Energy audits and participation at energy networks promoted energy awareness throughout the company.