As part of the Occupational Health and Safety Day of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, Sika was granted a 5-star award. This award is dedicated to companies that have achieved the best results in occupational health and safety in 2017.

Occupational Health and Safety Award Chile

Sika sustainability strategy put into practice  

"The main satisfaction and pride of all those who work in Sika is that each and every Sika employee and all those who work for Sika leave their working environment safe and healthy," said Mauricio Sáez, Operations Manager Sika Chile, for whom the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees is a daily commitment that goes beyond just complying with regulations and is connected with the pride of working in a safe and secure company. 

In recent years, the evolution of Sika Chile in safety indicators has been remarkable, crowned in 2018 with the recognition of Zero Accidents, a commitment that goes from the Management to the workers themselves, reflecting the coordinated effort towards safety as a priority at all levels of the company.