Ideal for curtain walls, ventilated facades and window installations, SikaMembran guarantees a secure and durable waterproof seal at construction gaps every time.

SikaMembran is a waterproofing and vapour control system that comprises various types of membranes featuring optimised levels of vapour diffusion. It’s a system that is suitable for almost all climatic conditions. Durable buildings need professional water proofing. In particular, joints between different components of the building structure can be very demanding on the building designer. Accumulated condensation within the wall construction must be transferred outward, while the outer face must withstand rain and wind. That’s where SikaMembran comes in.

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, Sika has carried out various simulations with the SikaMembran system to prove the performance of the vapour control concept in four different climatic zones. The results of the simulation showed no humidity accumulation right after the construction phase nor during the following years proving that with the SikaMembran system, the wall keeps breathing.    


The membranes that make up the SikaMembran system are made out of EPDM, a durable synthetic rubber that provides a secure vapour barrier and waterproof seal at junctions between building elements. The system also incorporates the SikaBond TF Plus adhesive, which is used to bond the sheets between the building structure and window or curtain wall components.

David Fitzpatrick, Industry Sealing and Bonding Manager said: “SikaBond TF Plus is a single part polyurethane based elastic adhesive, manufactured for the bonding of SikaMembran to a variety of building substrates. It’s quite innovative in that it bonds to any substrate and it’s tolerant of uneven surfaces, providing a continuous seal. Another plus is that there’s no additional mechanical fixing with the SikaBond product.” David says the combination of SikaBond TF Plus and SikaMembran makes it easy for the user to achieve airtightness to facade construction gaps. “With current regulations calling for an airtight envelope, we believe the SikaMembran system ticks all the boxes.”  

The real benefit by reducing the size of heating and ventilation systems and ultimately achieving significant reductions in heating running costs. Continuous watertight as well as airtight seals can be guaranteed around the perimeters of window or curtain wall components. “We provide training to ensure the user is up to speed but because there’s no membrane preparation, no need for additional mechanical fasteners and no need to prime most surfaces, it’s not difficult for the user to pick it up quite quickly.” The flexibility of the membrane allows for easy access into corners or even around projections. It can also be adjusted for up to 30 minutes.

SikaMembran is available in two grades which offer different defined rates of vapour diffusion – SikaMembran Outdoor and SikaMembran Universal. The latter regulates the amount of moisture escaping from the inside while SikaMembran Outdoor allows trapped moisture to escape from the building fabric whilst maintaining a weather proof seal where applied.


Apply SikaBond TF plus N adhesive to the corresponding structure or components (nozzle diameter approx. 8mm). By using a clean spatula, spread the adhesive bead to approximately 4-5cm width and 1mm thickness. Install the SikaMembran sheet tension-free and in a way that movement of the connected building parts can be accommodated without damaging the membrane. Press the membrane sheet on the adhesive using a plastic roller. The membrane must be fully bonded over a width of 4cm. Where overlaps are required ensure at least an overlap of 5cm. The membrane may be re-adjusted during a period of 30 minutes after installation.


  • Vapour control system suitable for all climatic conditions  
  • Flexible and easy to handle     
  • Weather and ageing resistant     
  • UV and ozone resistant      
  • Will not perish     
  • Quality assured with printed logo for easy identification      
  • Available in 0.6mm thickness for easy application      
  • Available roll sizes: 1.4m x 25m ; 1.0m x 25m ; 500mm x 25m      
  • SikaMembran system can be used and in conjunction with capping's, typical cladding drip detailing and thresholds      
  • Meets fire rating requirements of EN 13501-1 Class E
David Fitzpatrick, Target Market Manager - Industry, Sealing and Bonding, Sika Ireland

TM Manager Industry Sealing and Bonding