Contact lens manufacturer, Bausch and Lomb recently required a high strength, aesthetically pleasing finish to their highly trafficked corridor’s which surround the plant.

After many samples being laid, and rigorous on site testing, key decision makers within Bausch & Lomb and the architects CJ Falconers decided the Sika® DecoFlake System fitted best with the processes within the facility.

Project Requirements

A durable, good-looking floor that harmonises aesthetically and in performance the existing floors.
The decorative flooring solutions from Sika allow the creation of an almost unlimited combination of functional and aesthetic requirements. The results of this flexibility in design are so unique and distinctive that people really like and appreciate living and working there.

The system approach from Sika leaves nothing to desire, neither in the technical, practical nor aesthetic regards. Sika stands for innovation and quality in high quality flooring solutions – produced to enable your individual designs with exceptional ease of application.

Our Solution

The Sikafloor®-263 SL was chosen to match the existing Sika floors. It is a two part epoxy system. This economical solution is easily applied and gives a smooth, gloss finish. It has good chemical and mechanical resistance and can be broadcast for a slip resistant finish and can be recoated at any time in the future.

All of the Sikafloor® Decorative systems are based on the same low emission, UV resistant, high performance epoxy resin that is tested according to the stringent minimum outgassing procedures of the German AgBB scheme. Additionally the transparent matt sealer coating is based on a low emission, UV resistant and light fast, high performance aliphatic polyurethane resin dispersion that is also tested according to the German AgBB scheme.

W.D. Bolster were the chosen Sika specialised contractor to lay the Sika DecoFlake System. As some levels in the old concrete substrates were of different levels, both Sika® HardTop®-80 and Sikadur®-31 were also used to make good the concrete substrates prior to the Sika® Decoflake System being laid.

With a track record of successfully supplying floors to Bausch and Lomb for over 7 years, Sika Ireland was the natural choice for a recently constructed extension area.

"The main reason we chose the floor was for the combined functional and aesthetic properties it provided. This was a high performance floor, far in excess of the previous vinyl options utilised within the facility and one which provided the client with a more durable and easily maintainable overall floor finish." C.J. Falconer & Associates, Chartered Architects & Planning Consultants

Products Used

Sika® DecoFlake System
Sikafloor®-263 SL
Sika® HardTop®-80

Project Participants

Bausch and Lomb

CJ Falconers & Associates

Sika Approved Flooring Contractor
W.D. Bolster