Sika Ireland is proud to be involved in Ireland’s €410 million, state of the art Football / Rugby Stadium, that has a capacity of 51,700 seats.
All seating is covered by the roof. This stadium was officially opened on 14 May 2010.

Project Requirements

Through extensive specification work and technical assistance at both design and construction stage, Sika Ireland has successfully provided reliable and highly qualified concrete, roofing and joint sealing solutions for this project.

Our Solution

The stadium’s roof was waterproofed by 2 systems in different areas: Sikalastic©-601 BC reinforced with Reemat Sikalastic®-621 TC and Sika® Trocal® Type S 1.5mm. The stadium’s roof needed to be an eco-friendly roofing system, which enables grey water utilization, this means that rain water is collected in the extensive system of gutters. The gutters are lined with 7,500 m² of Sarnafil® G-410-18 EL bonded with Sarnacol®-2170. This collected rain water is stored in concrete tanks in the basement which is constructed with 4,000 m³ of Sika watertight concrete (ViscoCrete® and Sika® Injection-101), for later use in wash hand basins & WC, etc.

In addition to this concrete work, €14.5 thousand of Sika grout & fixing products (SikaGrout®-212, Sika® MonoTop®-615) were supplied for this project. Sika also supplied over 5 km of PU sealant Sikaflex® Pro 2 HP for the joints between precast concrete elements, through our long standing arrangement with a specialist precast supplier.

Products Used

Sikalastic®-601 BC
Sikalastic®-621 TC
Sika-Trocal Type S 1.5mm
Sika Sarnafil G-410 18 EL
Sika® Injection-101
Sika® MonoTop®-615
Sikaflex® Pro 2 HP


Project Participants

Project Owner
IRFU and the Football Association of Ireland (FAI)

HOK Sport and Scott Tallon Walker

Structural and Civil Engineer
Buro Happold

Main Contractor

Substructure Contractor

Pre-cast Concrete Manufacturer
Banagher Concrete