In Qatar, Sika has expanded its production capacity for concrete admixtures and has started manufacturing epoxy resins. Epoxy resins are key components in high-quality floor coverings and adhesives. With its enlarged portfolio and its local production capacity, Sika wants to exploit market potential and drive forward the focused expansion of its business in the region.

This latest investment in expansion in Qatar’s capital, Doha, will help Sika to continue building its business in this fast-growing region so that it can benefit from the dynamic development in the construction market. The sector is being boosted in particular by major projects and for the expansion of energy and utilities infrastructure, as well as stimuli induced by government tenders. Thanks to its local production facilities, Sika is able to comply with the terms applicable to construction projects in the country: Qatar’s state sourcing policy stipulates that preference must be given to domestically manufactured products.

Regional Manager EMEA
"Our latest investment in Qatar is positioning us for continued growth and is strengthening our competitiveness in the country. In expanding our production, we are anticipating a substantial increase in demand and volumes for our high-value adhesives and flooring solutions. Our building-sector customers will benefit from an expanded and locally produced portfolio of Sika solutions which, in addition, eliminates long-distance transportation. This benefits the environment, our customers, and Sika. " Ivo Schädler, Regional Manager EMEA
Infrastructure Investments Stimulate Growth

In the medium term, Qatar’s construction industry will be focusing on major investments in the energy and utility infrastructure such and on reservoirs to ensure adequate supplies of potable water in this desert country. According to estimates, the construction industry will grow by 2.6% in 2021 after a slowdown in the past year owing to COVID-19.