The waterproofing of below ground structures through careful design, the right choice of waterproofing materials and professional workmanship is absolutely critical when you consider that 75% of building failures can be attributed to water ingress.

While BS 8102:2009 considers three forms of construction and structural waterproofing protection, specifiers have traditionally chosen one solution over another for a new build application. But with water ingress having such financial implications, there is now a growing trend to incorporate multiple systems, particularly a dual system approach of watertight concrete and a membrane system to provide two layers of protection.

Every building or structure needs waterproofing which in the long-term is the most cost-effective way to maintain its value. Defects can occur in any waterproofing system, but the risk can be minimised through design, planning and a waterproofing specialist who can offer expert specification advice and a high level of site support during construction.

For the specifier, BS 8102:2009 gives recommendations on three different waterproofing methods, Type A, B and C, the choice of which should take into consideration all of the relevant project requirements. The three types of waterproofing are:

20-year guarantee

Two or three lines of defence

Compatible Systems

Engineered Solutions

Single company providing support and guarantee

On-site inspection and support

Although each system has its own advantages and suitability for specific projects and applications, most manufacturers only offer one type, so are only able to ‘recommend’ their system. However, with projects becoming increasingly complex, specifiers are moving to a more integrated approach, one where different solutions are combined and used to their strengths, to create a highly robust waterproofing strategy.

As one of the only manufacturers to provide a complete range of structural waterproofing systems, including tanking membrane, cementitious render, watertight concrete and cavity drain, Sika is ideally placed to provide the  impartial advice on the creation of the optimum waterproofing strategy.