Application of Mechanically Fastened Single Ply Membranes

Sika single ply membranes are mechanically fastened to the roof deck against wind uplift, using single fasteners or fastening bars with their fixing drilled into the deck or into the support structure.

Induction Welding

IE-Roofing-Induction welding

This innovative fastening system relies on electromagnetic induction welding to eliminate any fastener penetration through roof waterproofing membranes – both PVC and FPO. Special coated metal plates are fastened through the roof assembly into the deck and later heat-welded to the underside of the membrane by using an induction welding tool. The plates are fastened in a regular pattern into the roofing deck before laying the membrane. This allows easy location of the plates after unrolling the membrane, and ensures even load distribution after the induction welding is completed.

System Components

  • Coated metal plates for PVC and FPO membranes
  • Range of fixing tubes and fasteners for different substrates


  • Quick and easy to install
  • No membrane fastener penetration
  • Even wind load distribution
  • Enhanced wind-uplift resistance

Inseam Fastening (Lap Fastening for both Sarnafil and Sikaplan systems)

Inseam fastening systems membranes are fastened using carbon/stainless steel screws and pressure plates or plastic tubes anchored into the deck.

Adjacent membrane sheets are overlapped and the seams are hot-air welded. This can be an efficient solution that allows very fast, cost effective installation.

Linear Bar Fastening (Sarnabar system only)

In the Sarnabar® system (fastening bars), the sheets are loose laid and secured using the fastening bars anchored to the deck. The bars are then covered with additional strips of the same membrane and welded to the waterproofing layer. This system provides high resistance to wind uplift because loads are transferred through the fastening bars to the supporting roof structure.