Application of Liquid Applied Membranes

Sika provides detailed guidelines for installing all of our liquid applied membrane systems. These include Method Statements and Application Manuals which contain full information regarding all the installation methods and the correct execution of details, such as those at terminations and upstands, etc. They also include our recommendations and useful checklists for site safety and quality control procedures.

Roller Application

The application is done in several stages:

  • First the base coat of liquid membrane is applied directly on the prepared / cleaned substrate
  • Then the reinforcement material (e.g. Sikalastic® Reemat) is rolled out and embedded into the wet base coat
  • After the first coat is cured the top coat of liquid membrane is applied over it

Tools & Equipment

Rollers & bruches

Trolley Application

To speed up the application of one-component liquid membrane applications on large areas, a special tool - the Sikalastic® Applicator has been developed. By using this innovative Sika equipment, roofing contractors can significantly increase their rate of application and reduce costs on large open roof spaces. The liquid is put into the Sikalastic® Applicator and as it is moved along the roof surface, the liquid applied membraneis poured in lines along the surface. The material is then spread with roller application, followed by embedment of the reinforcement into the base coat.

Tools & Equipment

Sikalastic® Applicator