SikaShield® VB P41 S 3 mm

Plastomeric bituminous roof vapour control layer aluminium reinforced

SikaShield® VB P41 S 3 mm is an APP modified bituminous roofing vapor control layer with a thickness of 3 mm and flexible at -10 °C. It is reinforced with an aluminium foil and glass fibre to provide a barrier to the passage of vapour. The top surface is covered with sand to improve the bonding of the overlying layer or to bond the insulation boards with cold adhesives or by mechanical fixation. The underside of the product has a burn-off film for easy torch-application.

▪ Thickness: ~3,0 mm ▪ Good water vapour barrier ▪ Top surface finish: sand ▪ Good flexibility at -10 °C ▪ Good mechanical properties (tensile, tear, shear) ▪ High elongation ▪ High dimensional stability ▪ Easy to install by torching method