SikaShield® VB E71 PE SA 3 kg/m²

Self-adhesive aluminum-reinforced bituminous vapour control layer

SikaShield® VB E71 PE SA 3 kg/m² is an SBS-modified, self-adhesive bituminous vapour control layer. It weighs 3 kg/m² and is flexible at -25 °C. It is reinforced with aluminium foil and a dimensionally stable non-woven polyester inlay to provide an effective barrier against the passage of vapour. The top surface is covered with a polyethylene foil to bond the insulation panels with molten bitumen or by mechanical fixation. The underside has a removable liner over the adhesive compound for easy application.

  • Flame-free application
  • Highly flexible in cold temperatures
  • Good adhesion in cold temperatures
  • High durability
  • Fast and easy installation