SikaMelt® reactive polyurethane adhesive solutions are an ideal choice for the lamination of engineered wood flooring elements (parquet)

Produce your Wood Flooring without Waiting Time

High strength engineered wood flooring (parquet) can be produced without waiting time for drying or setting by using SikaMelt® HMPUR adhesives.

The high initial strength adhesives and instantaneous pressing are well suited to your high speed production.

Because HMPUR adhesives are cross-linking, they cure to form a tough and durable polymer with excellent heat resistance.


An interior of a house showing hard laminated panels
wood flooring standards IHD works and JAS II standards tested
or waiting time with 100% solids hot melt adhesives

Reactive hot melt Polyurethane Adhesives for Long Term Durability

laminated wooden floor with SikaMelt HMPUr

SikaMelt® HMPUR adhesives react with substrate moisture and cure to form a durable bond in engineered wood laminate flooring (parquet).

High initial strength for rapid production

Excellent heat resistance and durability

Tested according to IHD works Standard and JAS II test procedures

Best Recommended Products for Wood Flooring

SikaMelt®-675 IS

High initial strength hot melt PUR adhesive for wood based flooring tested according to IHD works Standard and JAS-II .