Modern roof constructions demand high insulation, integrity and durability. SikaForce® and SikaMelt® adhesive systems have the versatility to meet a wide range of demands for all types of roofing panels and membranes.

Solutions for all Types of Roofing Panels and Membranes

Insulated foam panel roofing system

Bonded roof systems provide insulation, heat loss control and at the same time moisture control or waterproofing for the building envelope.

SikaForce® and SikaMelt wide product range ensures you can select the optimal solution for your needs.

Reactive hot melt solutions for immediate processing of flat laminate substrates directly after bonding.

Liquid polyurethane adhesives, either 1C , 2C or 3C PUR, to suit uneven or open substrates such as mineral wool.

Pressure sensitive HMPSA solutions for self adhesive tapes used on roof membrane seams.


When self adhesive roofing solutions are needed, Sika has a range of pressure sensitive adhesives to fulfil your needs.

Strong and stable tack for immediate fixation

Low service temperature facilitating outdoor use

Excellent for construction tape applications

SikaProof A roofing membrane tape sealing solution
"SikaMelt® technology supports our needs. We use SikaMelt® HMPSA technology products to support the handling and sealing performance of our SikaProof® A membranes. We are very satisfied with the product performance and service we receive." Dr. Christoph Faeh, Department Manager Bonded Systems and Injections

Best Recommended Products for Roof Panels

SikaMelt®-675 IS

High initial strength hot melt PUR adhesive for rapid bonding of roofing insulation panels.


Classification-free hot melt PUR with broad adhesion range for lamination of roofing insulation elements.

SikaForce®-7110 Range

Easy to use moisture curing one component PUR adhesive for the lamination of roofing system boards.