With one of the highest strength to weight ratios, honeycomb panels offer unique benefits in modern building elements. SikaForce® liquid and hot melt polyurethane adhesive technologies provide high peel strength and rapid production of honeycomb panels.

High Peel Strength with SikaForce® Solutions

High strength to weight ratio is achieved with honeycomb core materials bonded to flat outer substrates using SikaForce® two-component polyurethane and SikaMelt® HMPUR adhesives.

Reactive hot melt solutions for a small factory footprint and roller application. Liquid polyurethane 2-component polyurethane solutions for high strength aluminium honeycomb panel production.

Facade bonded with honeycomb panels using SikaForce and SikaMelt
production process
with SikaMelt® adhesives
peel strength SikaForce® solutions
for aluminium honeycomb panels
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High Strength Panels Demands High Performance Adhesives

bonded aluminium honeycomb panel with cutaway section

Combining high peel strength with excellent adhesion, SikaForce® 2 component adhesive solutions give you the edge in performance honeycomb panels.

High peel strength 2C polyurethane adhesives

Reactive adhesives for long term durability

Excellent process control for repeatable results

Recommended Products for Honeycomb Panels

SikaForce®-7701 Range

High peel strength two component PUR designed for bonding aluminium honeycomb sandwich panels.

SikaMelt®-670 HS

High initial strength hot melt PUR for  bonding a range of substrates in honeycomb sandwich panels.